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Alley, William M. / Alley, Rosemarie Too Hot to Touch Book
Cochran, Thomas B. / Paine, Christopher E. / Fettus, Geoffrey / Norris, Robert S. / McKinzie, Matthew Postion Paper: Commercial Nuclear Power Available Online Book
Federation of American Scientists Nuclear Fuel Cycle Available Online Website
Ferguson, Charles D. Nuclear Energy: What Everyone Needs to Know Book
Ferguson, Charles D. / Settle, Frank A., Eds. The Future of Nuclear Power in the United States Available Online Book
International Panel on Fissile Materials International Panel on Fissile Materials (IPFM) Available Online Website
Marcus, Gail H. Nuclear Firsts: Milestones on the Road to Nuclear Power Development Book
National Academy of Sciences Nuclear Energy Available Online Chapter
Reed, B. Cameron The History and Science of the Manhattan Project Book
Settle, Frank Nuclear Chemistry and the Community Available Online Website