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Brown, Andrew Editor's recommendation The Neutron and the Bomb: A Biography of Sir James Chadwick Book
Chadwick, J. Editor's recommendation Letter to the Editor: Possible Existence of a Neutron Available Online Article
Glasstone, Samuel Editor's recommendation Sourcebook on Atomic Energy Book
Cambridge Physics Editor's recommendation The Neutron: Chadwick, 1932 Available Online Website
American Institute of Physics / Short Cressman and Burgess PLLC / Sonicbomb editors / Hartman, Devin Center for History of Physics Available Online Website
American Nuclear Society Teachers' Radiation Resources Available Online CDROM
Badash, Lawrence Scientists and the Development of Nuclear Weapons: From Fission to the Limited Test Ban Treaty 1939-1963 Book
Bodansky, David Nuclear Energy: Principles, Practices, and Prospects Book
Bohr, Niels / Wheeler, John Archibald The Mechanism of Nuclear Fission Available Online Article
Cathcart, Brian The Fly in The Cathedral: How a Group of Cambridge Scientists Won the International Race to Split the Atom Book