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Federation of American Scientists Editor's recommendation Uranium Enrichment and Gas Centrifuge Technology Available Online Website
Reed, B. Cameron Editor's recommendation The History and Science of the Manhattan Project Book
U.S. Department of Energy, National Nuclear Security Administration Editor's recommendation Highly Enriched Uranium: Striking a Balance – a Historical Report on the United States Highly Enriched Uranium Production, Acquisition, and Utilization Activities From 1945 Through September 30, 1996 Available Online Website
Wood, Houston G. / Glaser, Alexander / Kemp, R. Scott Editor's recommendation The Gas Centrifuge and Nuclear Weapons Proliferation Available Online Article
Atomic Heritage Foundation Ranger in Your Pocket Available Online Website
Cameco Uranium 101 Available Online Website
Federation of American Scientists Federation of American Scientists: Uranium Production Available Online Website
Federation of American Scientists Nuclear Fuel Cycle Available Online Website
Ferguson, Charles D. / Settle, Frank A., Eds. The Future of Nuclear Power in the United States Available Online Book
Henderson, Simon / Heinonen, Olli Nuclear Iran: A Glossary of Terms Available Online Website