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Nuclear Threat Initiative Nuclear Threat Initiative Available Online Website
Nuclear Threat Initiative / Stoutland, Page / Choubey, Deepti NTI Nuclear Materials Security Index 2016 Available Online Website
Settle, Frank Concept Map for Nuclear Arms Control and Proliferation Available Online Website
World Nuclear Association World Nuclear Association Available Online Website
Foreign Policy Foreign Policy Available Online Website
International Atomic Energy Agency International Nuclear Library Network Available Online Website
Monterey Institute of International Studies James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies Available Online Website
Wolfsthal, Jon Brook / Chuen, Christina-Astrid / Daughtry, Emily Ewell, Eds. Nuclear Status Report: Nuclear Weapons, Fissile Materials, and Export Controls in the Former Soviet Union Book
Bertsch, Gary K. / Grillot, Suzette R. The Politics of Peril: Economics, Society and the Prevention of War Book
United States Government Accountability Office Nuclear Nonproliferation: Progress Made in Improving Security at Russian Nuclear Sites, but the Long-Term Sustainability of U.S.-Funded Security Upgrades is Uncertain Available Online Website