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Campbell, Kurt M. / Einhorn, Robert J. / Reiss, Mitchell B., Eds. The Nuclear Tipping Point: Why States Reconsider Their Nuclear Choices Book
Fitzpatrick, Mark, Ed. Nuclear Black Markets: Pakistan, A.Q. Khan and the Rise of Proliferation Networks: A Net Assessment Book
Nuclear Threat Initiative / Stoutland, Page / Choubey, Deepti NTI Nuclear Materials Security Index 2016 Available Online Website
World Nuclear Association World Nuclear Association Available Online Website
Austrian Institute for Applied Ecology No Nukes Inforesource Available Online Website
Banks, John P. / Ebinger, Charles K., Eds. Business and Nonproliferation: Industry's Role in Safeguarding a Nuclear Renaissance Book
Blechman, Dr. Barry, Ed. Unblocking the Road to Zero: Brazil, Japan and Turkey Available Online Book
Bratt, Duane The Politics of CANDU Exports Book
Cann, Michelle / Davenport, Kelsey / Parker, Jenna Nuclear Security Summit: Accomplishments of the Process Available Online Website
Dobbs, Michael One Minute to Midnight: Kennedy, Khrushchev, and Castro on the Brink of Nuclear War Book