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Grey, Vivian Secret of the Mysterious Rays: The Discovery of Nuclear Energy Book
Bernardini, Carlo / Bonolis, Luisa, Eds. Enrico Fermi: His Work and Legacy Book
De Gregorio, Alberto Enrico Fermi and the Discovery of Neutron-Induced Radioactivity: A Project Being Crowned Available Online Article
Fermi, Enrico / Amaldi, E. / Anderson, H. L. / Persico, E. / Rasetti, F. / Smith, Cyril S. / Wattenberg, A. / Segrè, Emilio, Eds. The Collected Papers of Enrico Fermi: Volume I Book
Fermi, Laura Atoms in the Family Book
Guerra, Francesco / Leone, Matteo / Robotti, Nadia Enrico Fermi's Discovery of Neutron-Induced Artificial Radioactivity: Neutrons and Neutron Sources Available Online Article
Joint Committee on Atomic Energy Soviet Atomic Energy Book
Magueijo, João A Brilliant Darkness: The Extraordinary Life and Disappearance of Ettore Majorana, the Troubled Genius of the Nuclear Age Book
Segrè, Emilio Enrico Fermi: Physicist Book
Segrè, Emilio Fermi and Neutron Physics Article