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Gleick, James Genius: The Life and Science of Richard Feynman Book
Pais, Abraham / Crease, Robert P. J. Robert Oppenheimer: A Life Book
Dyson, George Turing's Cathedral: The Origins of the Digital Universe Book
Ford, Kenneth Building the H Bomb: A Personal History Book
Heppenheimer, T. A. The Man-Made Sun: The Quest for Fusion Power Book
Herman, Robin Fusion: The Search for Endless Energy Book
Rabi, I. I. / Serber, Robert / Weisskopf, Victor / Pais, Abraham / Seaborg, Glenn T. Oppenheimer Book
Schewe, Phillip F. Maverick Genius: The Pioneering Odyssey of Freeman Dyson Book
Stuewer, Roger H. Bringing the News of Fission to America Article
Wolverton, Mark A Life in Twilight: The Final Years of J. Robert Oppenheimer Book