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Urey, Harold / Brickwedde, F. G. / Murphy, George M. Editor's recommendation A Hydrogen Isotope of Mass 2 Available Online Article
American Institute of Physics Moments of Discovery: The Discovery of Fission Available Online Website
Atomic Heritage Foundation Ranger in Your Pocket Available Online Website
Fermi, Enrico The Development of the First Chain Reacting Pile Available Online Article
Maroncelli, James M. / Karpin, Timothy L. The Traveler's Guide to Nuclear Weapons: A Journey Through America's Cold War Battlefields Available Online CDROM
Nier, Alfred O. Some Reminiscences of Mass Spectrometry and the Manhattan Project Article
Nier, Alfred O. / Booth, E. T. / Dunning, J. R. / Grosse, A. V. Nuclear Fission in Separated Uranium Isotopes Available Online Article
Settle, Frank A. / Maroncelli, James M. / Karpin, Timothy L. Interactive Map of the US Nuclear Complex Available Online Website
Szilard, Leo / Zinn, Walter H. Instantaneous Emission of Fast Neutrons in the Interaction of Slow Neutrons with Uranium Available Online Article
Anderson, Herbert L. The Legacy of Fermi and Szilard Article