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Fehner, Terrence R. / Gosling, F. G. Editor's recommendation Origins of the Nevada Test Site Available Online Book
Fehner, Terrence R. / Gosling, F. G. Editor's recommendation Atmospheric Nuclear Weapons Testing 1951-1963 Available Online Book
Titus, A. Costandina Editor's recommendation Bombs in the Backyard: Atomic Testing and American Politics Book
Alley, William M. / Alley, Rosemarie Too Hot to Touch Book
Ball, Howard Justice Downwind: America's Atomic Testing Program in the 1950s Book
Chivian, Eric / Chivian, Susanna / Lifton, Robert Jay / Mack, John E. Last Aid: The Medical Dimensions of Nuclear War Book
Coolidge, Matthew The Nevada Test Site: A Guide to America’s Nuclear Proving Ground Book
Hacker, Barton C. Elements of Controversy: The Atomic Energy Commission and Radiation Safety in Nuclear Weapons Testing 1947-1974 Book
Light, Michael 100 Suns: 1945-1962 Book
Loeber, Charles R. Building Bombs: A History of the Nuclear Weapons Complex, 2nd Edition Book