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International Panel on Fissile Materials Editor's recommendation International Panel on Fissile Materials (IPFM) Available Online Website
Perkovich, George Editor's recommendation India's Nuclear Bomb: The Impact on Global Proliferation Book
Abraham, Itty Editor's recommendation The Making of the Indian Atomic Bomb: Science, Secrecy, and the Postcolonial State Book
Anderson, Robert S. Editor's recommendation Nucleus and Nation: Scientists, International Networks, and Power in India Book
Cirincione, Joseph / Wolfsthal, Jon B. / Rajkumar, Miriam Editor's recommendation Deadly Arsenals: Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Threats Book
Tellis, Ashley Editor's recommendation India's Emerging Nuclear Posture: Between Recessed Deterrent and Ready Arsenal Book
Albright, David Peddling Peril: How the Secret Nuclear Trade Arms America's Enemies Book
Arms Control Association Arms Control Association Available Online Website
Beckman, Peter R. / Crumlish, Paul W. / Dobkowski, Michael N. / Lee, Steven P. Nuclear Weapons, Nuclear States, and Terrorism Book
Bodansky, David Nuclear Energy: Principles, Practices, and Prospects Book