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Dalton, Russell J. / Garb, Paula / Lovrich, Nicholas P. / Pierce, John C. / Whiteley, John M. Editor's recommendation Critical Masses: Citizens, Nuclear Weapons Production, and Environmental Destruction in the United States and Russia Book
Medvedev, Zhores A. Editor's recommendation Nuclear Disaster in the Urals Book
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Cochran, Thomas B. / Norris, Robert S. / Bukharin, Oleg A. Making the Russian Bomb: From Stalin to Yeltsin Available Online Book
Hawkins, Houston T. History of the Russian Nuclear Weapons Program Available Online Website
Mahaffey, James Atomic Accidents: A History of Nuclear Meltdowns and Disasters from the Ozark Mountains to Fukushima Book
Makhijani, Arjun / Hu, Howard / Yih, Katherine, Eds. Nuclear Wastelands: A Global Guide to Nuclear Weapons Production and Its Health and Environmental Effects Book
Podvig, Pavel / Kadyshev, Timur / Miasnikov, Eugene / Sutyagin, Igor / Tarasenko, Maxim / Zhelezov, Boris / Bukharin, Oleg, Eds. Russian Strategic Nuclear Forces Book
Richelson, Jeffrey T. Spying on the Bomb: American Nuclear Intelligence from Nazi Germany to Iran and North Korea Book
Atkins, Stephen Historical Encyclopedia of Atomic Energy Book