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Lourie, Richard Sakharov: A Biography Book
Sakharov, Andrei Andrei Sakharov: Memoirs Book
Carlisle, Rodney P., Ed. Encyclopedia of the Atomic Age Book
Gorelik, Gennady / Bouis, Antonina W. The World of Andrei Sakharov: A Russian Physicist’s Path to Freedom Book
Hargittai, István Buried Glory: Portraits of Soviet Scientists Book
Kruglov, Arkadii The History of the Soviet Atomic Industry Book
Rhodes, Richard Dark Sun: The Making of the Hydrogen Bomb Book
Tsukerman, Veniamin / Zinaida, Azarkh Arzamas-16: Soviet Scientists in the Nuclear Age Book
Zaloga, Steven J. Target America: The Soviet Union and the Strategic Arms Race, 1945-1964 Book