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AJ Software and Multimedia Atomic Archive Available Online Website
Graetzer, Hans G. / Anderson, David L. The Discovery of Nuclear Fission Book
Hahn, Otto / Strassmann, Fritz Proof of the Formation of Active Isotopes of Barium from Uranium and Thorium Irradiated with Neutrons; Proof of the Existence of More Active Fragments Produced by Uranium Fission Article
Hoffmann, Klaus Otto Hahn: Achievement and Responsibility Book
Segrè, Emilio The Discovery of Nuclear Fission Article
Shea, William R., Ed. Otto Hahn and the Rise of Nuclear Physics Book
Sime, Ruth Lewin Lise Meitner: A Life in Physics Book
Arneson, Gordon The H-Bomb Decision Article
Carlisle, Rodney P., Ed. Encyclopedia of the Atomic Age Book
Chemical Heritage Foundation Atomic and Nuclear Structure Available Online Website