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Segrè, Emilio Editor's recommendation A Mind Always in Motion: The Autobiography of Emilio Segrè Book
AJ Software and Multimedia Atomic Archive Available Online Website
Graetzer, Hans G. / Anderson, David L. The Discovery of Nuclear Fission Book
Rhodes, Richard The Making of the Atomic Bomb Book
Segrè, Emilio From X-Rays to Quarks: Modern Physicists and Their Discoveries Book
Bernardini, Carlo / Bonolis, Luisa, Eds. Enrico Fermi: His Work and Legacy Book
Bernstein, Jeremy Plutonium: A History of the World's Most Dangerous Element Book
Boorse, Henry A. / Motz, Lloyd / Weaver, Jefferson Hane The Atomic Scientists: A Biographical History Book
Close, Frank Half-Life: The Divided Life of Bruno Pontecorvo, Physicist or Spy Book
Cronin, James W., Ed. Fermi Remembered Book