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Demirjian, Doris / Otto, Rollie Editor's recommendation Glenn Seaborg Available Online Website
Kathren, Ronald L. / Gough, Jerry B. / Benefiel, Gary T., Eds. Editor's recommendation The Plutonium Story: The Journals of Glenn T. Seaborg, 1939-1946 Book
Lyons, Stephen / Emerson, Michael / Meyer, Muffie Editor's recommendation Mystery of Matter: Search for the Elements Film
Seaborg, Glenn T. Editor's recommendation A Chemist in the White House: From the Manhattan Project to the End of the Cold War Book
Seaborg, Glenn T. / Seaborg, Eric Editor's recommendation Adventures in the Atomic Age: From Watts to Washington Book
AJ Software and Multimedia Atomic Archive Available Online Website
Bickel, Lennard The Deadly Element: The Story of Uranium Book
Childs, Herbert An American Genius: The Life of Ernest Orlando Lawrence, Father of the Cyclotron Book
Hacker, Barton C. Elements of Controversy: The Atomic Energy Commission and Radiation Safety in Nuclear Weapons Testing 1947-1974 Book
Hewlett, Richard G. / Anderson, Oscar E., Jr. The New World: A History of the United States Atomic Energy Commission: Vol. I, 1939-1946 Available Online Book