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Cassidy, David C. Beyond Uncertainty: Heisenberg, Quantum Physics, and the Bomb Book
Gamow, George Thirty Years that Shook Physics: The Story of Quantum Theory Book
Pais, Abraham Niels Bohr's Times in Physics, Philosophy and Polity Book
Pais, Abraham / Crease, Robert P. J. Robert Oppenheimer: A Life Book
Bernardini, Carlo / Bonolis, Luisa, Eds. Enrico Fermi: His Work and Legacy Book
Boorse, Henry A. / Motz, Lloyd / Weaver, Jefferson Hane The Atomic Scientists: A Biographical History Book
Carson, Cathryn Heisenberg in the Atomic Age: Science and the Public Sphere Book
Farmelo, Graham The Strangest Man: The Hidden Life of Paul Dirac, Mystic of the Atom Book
French, A. P. / Kennedy, P. J., Eds. Niels Bohr: A Centenary Volume Book
Gribbin, John Erwin Schrödinger and the Quantum Revolution Book