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Nuclear Threat Initiative Nuclear Security Project Available Online Website
Powaski, Ronald E. Return to Armageddon: The United States and the Nuclear Arms Race, 1981-1999 Book
Shultz, George P. / Drell, Sidney D. / Kissinger, Henry A. / Nunn, Sam Nuclear Security: The Problems and the Road Ahead Available Online Book
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace The Proliferation Threat Film
Goddard, Ben The Nuclear Tipping Point Available Online Film
Perry, William J. My Journey at the Nuclear Brink Book
Schram, Martin Avoiding Armageddon: Our Future. Our Choice. Book
Seson, Frank / Guarino, Chris Avoiding Armageddon: Our Future. Our Choice. Film
Taubman, Philip The Partnership: Five Cold War Warriors and Their Quest to Ban the Bomb Book
Rhodes, Richard Living with the Bomb Article