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Shea, William R., Ed. Editor's recommendation Otto Hahn and the Rise of Nuclear Physics Book
Hahn, Otto / Willy, Ley, Eds. Editor's recommendation Otto Hahn: A Scientific Autobiography Book
Reed, Rosemarie Editor's recommendation The Path to Nuclear Fission: The Story of Lise Meitner and Otto Hahn Film
Wiesner, Emilie / Settle, Frank Editor's recommendation Politics, Chemistry, and the Discovery of Nuclear Fission Available Online Article
AJ Software and Multimedia Atomic Archive Available Online Website
American Institute of Physics Moments of Discovery: The Discovery of Fission Available Online Website
Bernstein, Jeremy Hitler's Uranium Club: The Secret Recordings at Farm Hall Book
Eve, A. S. Rutherford: Being the Life and Letters of the Right Honorable Lord Rutherford, O.M. Book
Frank, Charles, Ed. Operation Epsilon: The Farm Hall Transcripts Book
Graetzer, Hans G. / Anderson, David L. The Discovery of Nuclear Fission Book