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Freedman, Lawrence The Evolution of Nuclear Strategy, Third Edition Book
Gaddis, John Lewis We Now Know: Rethinking Cold War History Book
Gaddis, John Lewis / Gordon, Philip H. / May, Ernest R. / Rosenberg, Jonathan, Eds. Cold War Statesmen Confront the Bomb: Nuclear Diplomacy Since 1945 Book
Hewlett, Richard G. / Holl, Jack M. Atoms for Peace and War 1953-1961: Eisenhower and the Atomic Energy Commission Available Online Book
Kunsman, David M. / Lawson, Douglas B. A Primer on U.S. Strategic Nuclear Policy Available Online Website
Botti, Timothy J. Ace in the Hole: Why the United States Did Not Use Nuclear Weapons in the Cold War, 1945-1965 Book
Carlisle, Rodney P., Ed. Encyclopedia of the Atomic Age Book
Clark, Ian Nuclear Diplomacy and the Special Relationship: Britain’s Deterrent and America, 1957-1962 Book
Dingman, Roger Atomic Diplomacy During the Korean War Available Online Article
Divine, Robert A. Blowing in the Wind: The Nuclear Test Ban Debate 1954-1960 Book