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Andrade, E. N. da C. Rutherford and the Nature of the Atom Book
Badash, Lawrence, Ed. Rutherford and Boltwood: Letters on Radioactivity Book
Chadwick, James The Collected Papers of Lord Rutherford of Nelson: Volumes 1-3 Book
Hahn, Otto / Willy, Ley, Eds. Otto Hahn: A Scientific Autobiography Book
Kauffman, George B., Ed. Frederick Soddy (1897-1956) Book
Keller, Alex The Infancy of Atomic Physics: Hercules in His Cradle Book
Malley, Marjorie Radioactivity: A History of a Mysterious Science Book
Rayner-Canham, Marelene F. / Rayner-Canham, Geoffrey W., Eds. A Devotion to Their Science: Pioneer Women of Radioactivity Book
Romer, Alfred The Restless Atom Book
Romer, Alfred, Ed. Radiochemistry and the Discovery of Isotopes Book