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Nuclear Threat Initiative Editor's recommendation NTI Education Tutorial on the Non-Proliferation Treaty Available Online Website
Thomson, David B. Editor's recommendation A Guide to the Nuclear Arms Control Treaties Book
Woolf, Amy F. / Nikitin, Mary Beth / Kerr, Paul K. Editor's recommendation Arms Control and Nonproliferation: A Catalog of Treaties and Agreements Available Online Website
Blechman, Dr. Barry / Bollfrass, Alexander K., Eds. Editor's recommendation Elements of a Nuclear Disarmament Treaty Available Online Book
Gutierrez, Jay M. / Polonsky, Alex S. Editor's recommendation Fundamentals of Nuclear Regulation in the United States, Second Edition Book
Moxley, Charles J., Jr. Editor's recommendation Nuclear Weapons and International Law in the Post Cold War World Book
Nanda, Ved P. / Krieger, David Editor's recommendation Nuclear Weapons and the World Court Book
Stoiber, Carlton / Baer, Alec / Pelzer, Norbert / Tonhauser, Wolfram Editor's recommendation Handbook on Nuclear Law Available Online Book
Tofan, C., Ed. Editor's recommendation International Nuclear Energy Law: Basic Documents Book
Alley, William M. / Alley, Rosemarie Too Hot to Touch Book