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Groueffe, Stephane Editor's recommendation Manhattan Project: The Untold Story of the Making of the Atomic Bomb Book
Hewlett, Richard G. / Anderson, Oscar E., Jr. Editor's recommendation The New World: A History of the United States Atomic Energy Commission: Vol. I, 1939-1946 Available Online Book
Jones, Vincent C. Editor's recommendation Manhattan: The Army and the Atomic Bomb Available Online Book
Reed, B. Cameron Editor's recommendation The History and Science of the Manhattan Project Book
Johnston, Sean F. Editor's recommendation The Neutron's Children: Nuclear Engineers and the Shaping of Identity Book
Robinson, George O. Editor's recommendation The Oak Ridge Story Book
Ahearne, John / Ferguson, Charles D. / Cochran, Thomas B. / Jackson, Shirley Ann / Macfarlane, Allison M. / Meserve, Richard Nuclear Energy Guide Available Online Website
AJ Software and Multimedia Atomic Archive Available Online Website
Alley, William M. / Alley, Rosemarie Too Hot to Touch Book
American Institute of Physics / Short Cressman and Burgess PLLC / Sonicbomb editors / Hartman, Devin Center for History of Physics Available Online Website