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Jenkins, Brian Michael Will Terrorists Go Nuclear? Book
American Physical Society / American Association for the Advancement of Science Nuclear Forensics: Role, State of the Art, Program Needs Available Online Website
Cann, Michelle / Davenport, Kelsey / Parker, Jenna Nuclear Security Summit: Accomplishments of the Process Available Online Website
Fedchenko, Vitaly, Ed. The New Nuclear Forensics: Analysis of Nuclear Materials for Security Purposes Book
Floyd, Stanley / Stalcup, A. / Spitz, H. A Brief Introduction to Analytical Methods in Nuclear Forensics Article
Follath, Erich / Stark, Holger The Birth of A Bomb: A History of Iran's Nuclear Ambitions Available Online Website
L’Annunziata, Michael F., Ed. Handbook of Radioactivity Analysis, Third Edition Book
National Academy of Sciences Nuclear Forensics: A Capability at Risk (Abbreviated Version) Available Online Website
Pike, John / Aftergood, Steven Intelligence Threat Assessments Available Online Website
Stoutland, Page O. / Pitts-Kiefer, Samantha O. Nuclear Weapons in the New Cyber Age: Report of the Cyber-Nuclear Weapons Study Group Available Online Website