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Afghanistan - country where nuclear terrorists may be found
Aiken, South Carolina - Location of the Savannah River site
Alamogordo, New Mexico - site of the first atomic explosion, also known as the Trinity test site
Alaska - site of a plan to create a new harbor using thermonuclear bombs
Albania - country considering nuclear power
Albuquerque, New Mexico - site of the Sandia National Laboratory and Kirland Air Force Base
Aldermaston, United Kingdom - site of the laboratory that produced Britain's hydrogen bomb
Algeria - country that may have nuclear capability
Amarillo, Texas - site of the Pantex facility that assembled nuclear weapons during the Cold War and current site for disassembling nuclear weapons
Amchitka Island, Alaska - island in the Aleutian chain where the United States carried out underground nuclear tests
Ames, Iowa - home of Iowa State and the laboratory that developed processes for producing uranium metal for the Manhattan Project
Arak, Iran - nuclear site
Argentina - country with nuclear capability
Argonne, Illinois - site of the Argonne National Laboratory
Armenia - country with nuclear power plants
Arzamas-16, Russia - site of nuclear weapons laboratory for the former Soviet Union and current Russian nuclear programs
Auburn, Massachusetts - site of the first commercial nuclear power reactor built in the United States
Australia - country with a nuclear industry
Austria -
Azerbaijan - country considering nuclear power
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Bangladesh - country considering nuclear power
Baotau, China - site of a nuclear fuel component plant in Inner Mongolia
Belarus - de-nuclearized post-Soviet state
Belgium - country with nuclear power plants, and which controlled the Belgian Congo, a source of uranium ore for U.S. weapons programs beginning in 1941
Beloyarsk, Russia - site of a 1978 nuclear reactor accident
Berkeley, California - home of the University of California, Berkeley
Berlin, Germany - site of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute, where fission was discovered
Bikini Island - Pacific island in the Marshall chain used by the United States for testing nuclear weapons
Brazil - country with nuclear capability
Brookhaven, New York - home of the Brookhaven National Laboratory
Browns Ferry, Alabama - site of a nuclear power plant that experienced a major fire in 1975
Bulgaria - country with nuclear power plants
Burghfield, United Kingdom - site responsible for final assembly of nuclear warheads, their maintenance, and eventual decommissioning.
Burlington, Kansas - site of the Wolf Creek Generating Station, a nuclear power plant
Burma - Nation which has forgone nuclear weapons
Bushehr, Iran - site of nuclear reactors
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Cadarache, France - site selected for the International Thermonuclear Reactor Experiment (ITER)
Calder Hall, United Kingdom - Site of power reactor
Calvert Cliffs, Maryland - Site of proposed nuclear power plant
Cambridge, Massachusetts - home of Harvard University
Cambridge, United Kingdom - home of Cambridge University and the Cavendish Laboratory, which produced many notable physicists
Canada - country with a nuclear industry
Cape Canaveral, Florida - missile test launch site
Capital District, New York - site of radioactive fallout from nuclear tests in Nevada.
Carlsbad, New Mexico - site of the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant for storing transuranic waste
Chalk River, Canada - site in Ontario of the Canadian government's atomic research center
Chelyabinsk, Russia - city in the southern Urals near the Mayak production complex
Chernobyl, Ukraine - site of a 1988 nuclear disaster
Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado - headquarters of the North American Air Defense Command
Chicago, Illinois - home of the University of Chicago, which had the first controlled chain reaction, and site of the Metallurgical Laboratory during World War II
Chile - country considering nuclear power
China - country with nuclear weapons and a nuclear industry
Christmas Island - Pacific island where Britain tested its hydrogen bombs
Cleveland, Ohio - home of Davis Besse nuclear plant
Colorado Plateau, United States - source of uranium ore in Colorado and Utah
Congo, Democratic Republic of the - source of uranium deposits, formerly named Belgian Congo, Republic of the Congo, and Zaire
Copenhagen, Denmark - site of the Niels Bohr Institute for Astronomy, Physics and Geophysics
Crescent, Oklahoma - home of Kerr-Mcgee nuclear plant where Karen Silkwood worked
Creys-Malville, France - Site of the Superphenix fast breeder reactor
Cuba - site of the Cuban Missile Crisis between the United States and the Soviet Union in 1962
Czech Republic - country engaged in industrial nuclear activities
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Damacus, Arkansas - Site of Titan II missile accident in 1980
Davis-Besse - nuclear power plant near Toledo, Ohio
Dayton, Ohio - Site of polonium production for Manhattan Project
Decatur, Illinois - site of the plant that produced the barriers for the gaseous diffusion plant at Oak Ridge, Tennessee
Denmark -
Detroit, Michigan - site of Fermi No. 1 fast metal breeder nuclear reactor
Diablo Canyon, California - site of a nuclear power plant
Dimona, Israel - central location of Israel's nuclear weapons program
Dresden, Germany - site of Allied fire bombing raid, February 13-15, 1945 that killed between 35,000 and 100,000 people
Dubai, United Arab Emerates - hub of A. Q. Khan's proliferation network
Dubna, Russia - center of nuclear research
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Egypt - country concerned by Israel's nuclear weapons
Eniwetok Atoll - Pacific island site of nuclear testing by the United States
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Fangataufa - island in central Pacific that was a site of French nuclear weapons testing
Farm Hall, United Kingdom - site in England where captured German scientists were interned prior to the end of World War II
Fernald, Ohio - site of the plant that converted uranium ore into uranium metal for reactors that produced plutonium and tritium
Finland - country with nuclear power plants
Florence, South Carolina - scene of an accidentally dropped nuclear weapon.
France - country with nuclear weapons and a nuclear industry
Fukushima, Japan - Site of 2011 nuclear disaster
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Gabon - Source of uranium
Geneva, Switzerland - site of many arms treaty negotiations
Georgia - new country formed from the former Soviet Union
Germany - country with a nuclear industry
Ghana - country considering nuclear power
Ginna, New York - site of a nuclear reactor incident, January 25, 1982
Goiania, Brazil - site of a radiological accident in 1987-88.
Goldsboro, North Carolina - Site of nuclear accident involving the release of two hydrogen bombs from a disintegrated B-52 bomber.
Grants, New Mexico - uranium mining town
Great Bear Lake, Canada - Site of uranium mines
Greenland - site of United States military base
Guam - island in the Pacific used by United States for a military base
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Hamburg, Germany - site of a large fire bombing raid by Britain and the United States in 1944
Hanford, Washington - site of facilities that produced plutonium for nuclear weapons starting in 1945 and current home of Pacific Northwest Laboratories
Harwell, United Kingdom - site of the main research laboratory for the United Kingdom's Atomic Energy Authority
Helsinki, Finland - Site of SALT treaty negociations
Hiroshima, Japan - target of the first atomic bomb, August 6, 1945
Hungary - country with nuclear power plants and birthplace of many eminent 20th century scientists and mathematicians
Hyderabad, India - site of the Defence Research and Development Laboratory (DRDL)
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Idaho Falls, Idaho - site of the Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory
India - country with nuclear weapons and a nuclear industry
Indian Point, New York - Location of a nuclear power plant near New York city
Indonesia - country considering nuclear power
Ipero, Brazil - Site of Nuclear experimental center
Iran - country that may have nuclear capability
Iraq - country that may have had nuclear capability
Ireland - country considering nuclear power
Isfahan, Iran - site of Iranian uranium conversion facility
Israel - country with nuclear weapons and a nuclear industry
Italy - country with a nuclear industry
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Japan - country with a nuclear industry
Jeffrey City, Wyoming - uranium mining town
Jordan - country considering nuclear power
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Kalahari Desert, South Africa - nuclear test site
Kansas City, Missouri - site of a plant that produces nonnuclear components for nuclear weapons
Kazakhstan - de-nuclearized post-Soviet country
Kings Bay, Georgia - Home of U.S. nuclear submarines on east coast
Krasnoyarsk-26, Russia - site that produced plutonium for nuclear weapons and with one reactor currently producing electrical power
Kuwait - country considering nuclear power
Kwajalein Island - site of U.S. nuclear tests in the Marshall Islands, South Pacific
Kyoto, Japan - one of the targets listed for the first atomic bomb but removed from the list by Secretary of War Stimson
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La Hague, France - French reprocessing facility for spent nuclear fuel
La Maddalena, Italy - Location of U.S. base for fast attack submarines
Lanzhou, China - site of a gaseous diffusion plant
Laos -
Las Vegas, Nevada - home of the Atomic Testing Museum
Latvia - de-nuclearized post-Soviet state
Libya - possible site for initiating nuclear terrorism
Lithuania - country with nuclear power plants
Livermore, California - site of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
London, United Kingdom - site of simulated "dirty bomb" attack
Lop Nur, China - China's nuclear weapons test site
Los Alamos, New Mexico - location of major U.S. nuclear weapons laboratory
Lusby, Maryland - location of Calvert Cliffs nuclear power plant
Lyons, Kansas - site of proposed nuclear waste repository
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Madagascar - Source of uranium
Malaysia - country involved in nuclear black market network.
Malden Island - site of British nuclear weapons testing
Manchester, United Kingdom - home of Manchester University
Manchuria - nuclear test site for China
Maralinga, Australia - area in South Australia used by the United Kingdom to test nuclear weapons
Marcoule, France - French reprocessing facility for spent nuclear fuel
Marshall Islands - Pacific island group (Bikini, Enewetak, Kwajalein, and others) that were sites for U.S. tests of nuclear weapons after World War II
Maxy Flats, Kentucky - storage site for low level radioactive waste
Mayak, Russia - facility that produced plutonium for nuclear weapons
Mexico - country that produces nuclear power
Miamisburg, Ohio - site of Mound Laboratory to develop materials for nuclear weapons
Millstone, Connecticut - site of three controversial nuclear power plants near Waterford, Connecticut
Minneapolis, Minnesota - home of the University of Minnesota, where research was conducted for the Manhattan Project
Mississippi - Site of the only underground nuclear tests conducted by the U.S east of the Mississippi River.
Moab, Utah - uranium mining town
Mongolia - country considering nuclear power
Monte Bello Islands - islands off the west coast of Australia that were the site of British nuclear tests in the 1950s
Montreal, Canada - site of McGill University, where Lord Rutherford resided from 1898 to 1907
Morocco - country considering nuclear power
Moruroa Atoll - island in central Pacific that was site of French nuclear weapons testing
Moscow, Russia - capital of Russia
Mount Weather, PA -
Munroe, Michigan - Site of the Fermi 1 nuclear reactor
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Nagasaki, Japan - target of the second atomic bomb, August 9, 1945
Namibia - country considering nuclear power
Natanz, Iran - site of uranium enrichment facilities
Netherlands - country with nuclear power plants
Nevada Test Site, Nevada - test site for nuclear weapons in United States
New Haven, Connecticut - home of Yale University
New York, New York - home of Columbia University, where some of the early research critical to the Manhattan Project was conducted
New Zealand - birthplace of Lord Rutherford
Niger - Source of uranium ore
Nigeria - country considering nuclear power
Norsk Hydro, Norway - plant that produced heavy water during World War II
North Korea - country that has nuclear power plants and is thought to have nuclear weapons
Norway - site of Norsk Hydro, which produced heavy water during World War II
Novaya Zemlya, Russia - site of Soviet nuclear tests in northern Russia
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Oak Ridge, Tennessee - site of facilities that produced uranium for nuclear weapons and power plants and current home of Oak Ridge National Laboratories
Okinawa - Pacific island that was the site of fierce fighting in the spring of 1945
Olkiluoto, Finland - site of the Onkalo underground nuclear waste repository.
Osirak, Iraq - site of nuclear reactors bombed in 1982 by Israel
Osthammar, Sweden - Site of nuclear waste repository
Oxford, United Kingdom - home of Oxford University
Ozersk, Russia - Town near Mayak plutonium complex
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Pacific Theater - area encompassing all military operations by the Allies against Japan in World War II
Paducah, Kentucky - site of a gaseous diffusion plant that produces uranium-235 originally used to make weapons grade uranium, now for commercial reactor fuel
Pakistan - country with nuclear weapons and a nuclear industry
Palomares, Spain - village in southern Spain where four hydrogen bombs were accidentally dropped in 1966 from a United States bomber
Panama - Site of porposed use of nuclear weapons to widden the canal
Pantex - see Amarillo, Texas
Paris, France - home of the Curie Institute and other nuclear laboratories
Pasadena, California - home of the California Institute of Technology
Pelindaba, South Africa - Nuclear weapons laboratory
Philippines - country considering nuclear power
Pittsylvania County, Virginia - Site of large uranium ore deposite
Pokhran, India - nuclear test range
Poland - country with a nuclear industry
Port Hope, Canada - Shipping point for Canadian uranium to U.S.
Portsmouth, Ohio - site of a gaseous diffusion plant to produce U-235
Potsdam, Germany - site of a June 1945 conference attended by Truman, Stalin and Churchill
Prairie Island, MN - Site of a nuclear power plant
Princeton, New Jersey - home of Princeton University and the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, where research on fusion is conducted
Prypyat, Ukraine - town that housed the workers from the Chernobyl nuclear complex
Pugwash, Canada - site in Nova Scotia of the first international conference of scientists to discuss nuclear weapons and world security
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Qatar - country considering nuclear power
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Raven Rock, MD -
Reggane, Algeria - site of first French nuclear tests
Reykjavik, Island - site of meeting between Reagan and Gorbachev on nuclear arms control in 1986
Richlands, WA - Town adjacent to Hanford site
Riken, Japan - Location of the Physical and Chemical Research Institute
Rochester, New York - site of the University of Rochester, where medical and biological research was conducted for the Manhattan Project
Rocky Flats, Colorado - site where plutonium cores for nuclear weapons were produced
Rokkasho-Mura, Japan - site of reprocessing and storage facilities for Japan's nuclear power industry
Romania - country with nuclear power plants
Rome, Italy - site of Enrico Fermi's Physics Institute, where early research on neutron bombardment was performed in the 1930s
Rongelap Island - site of U.S. nuclear tests in the Marshall Islands, South Pacific.
Russia - post-Soviet country with nuclear weapons and a nuclear industry
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Santa Fe, New Mexico - city near Los Alamos
Saratov, Russia - city in southeastern Russia 30 miles from Russia's largest missile base
Sarov, Russia - Also known as Arzamas-16 Russia's Los Alamos
Saudi Arabia - nation which is a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty
Savannah River, South Carolina - site of facilities that produced plutonium and tritium for nuclear weapons
Seabrook, New Hampshire - site of controversial nuclear power plant
Sellafield, United Kingdom - British nuclear reactor and reprocessing facility for spent nuclear fuel, also known as Windscale
Semipalatinsk, Kazakhstan - largest nuclear test site in the former Soviet Union
Serbia - country containing large amounts of depleted uranium as a result of military operations
Shinkolobwe - site of a large abandoned uranium mine in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Shippingport, Pennsylvania - site of the first commercial nuclear reactor to produce electricity, in 1957
Shoreham, New York - Long Island location of the ill-fated Shoreham nuclear power plant
Singapore - location where nuclear proliferation activities have occurred
Skull Valley, Utah - site of a proposed intermediate storage facility for spent nuclear fuel
Slovakia - country with nuclear power plants
Slovenia - country with nuclear power plants
South Africa - country that gave up nuclear weapons and has a nuclear industry
South Dakota - location of Minuteman Intercontinental ballistic missile sites
South Korea - country with nuclear power plants
Soviet Union - former Soviet Union that dissolved in 1991, sometimes referred to as Russia
Spain - country that produces nuclear power
St. George, Utah - town affected by fallout from the Nevada test site
St. Joachimsthal, Bohemia - site of original uranium ore deposits in Czech Republic
St. Louis, Missouri - Site of Mallinkrodt Chemical Co. uranium processing plant
Sudan - country engaged in nuclear activities
Susquehana Steam Electric Station, Pennsylvania - site of reactors having a design flaw identified by the NRC in 1992
Sverdlovsk, Russia - site of uranium enrichment facilities
Sweden - country with nuclear power plants
Switzerland - country with nuclear power plants
Syria - country engaged in nuclear activities
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Taiwan - country with nuclear power plants, nation which had a nuclear weapons program.
Tarapur, India - site of a controversial nuclear power plant
Telemark, Norway - Site of heavy water planr raided by allies in WW II. Also known as Vermork.
Thailand - country considering nuclear power
Three Mile Island, Pennsylvania - site of a nuclear accident in March 1979
Thule, Greenland - site of the crash of a United States B-52 bomber carrying four thermonuclear weapons
Tibet - Location of CIA intelligence gathering instruments during the Cold War
Tinian - Pacific island from which the United States launched bombing raids on Japan including the atomic bomb missions
Tokaimura, Japan - Site of nuclear accident
Tokyo, Japan - capital of Japan and site of fire bombing during World War II
Toledo, Ohio - site of Davis-Besse nuclear power plant
Tomsk-7, Russia - site that processed and fabricated uranium for nuclear weapons
Trinity Test Site, New Mexico - site of the first atomic explosion, July 16, 1945, previously known as Alamogordo
Trombay, India - site of the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre
Tunisia - country considering nuclear power
Turkey - nation that might be interested in developing nuclear energy
Tuwaitha, Iraq - site of a nuclear research center
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Ukraine - de-nuclearized post-Soviet state
United Arab Emirates - country considering nuclear power
United Kingdom (Great Britain) - country with nuclear capability
United States - country with nuclear capability
Uravan, Colorado - uranium mining town
Uzbekistan - de-nuclearized post-Soviet state
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Valindaba, South Africa - site of a uranium enrichment plant
Vaud, Switzerland - Location of Lucens nuclear reactor
Vemork, Norway - site of Norsk hydroelectric plant that produced heavy water during World War II, also referred to as Telemark
Venezuela - country considering nuclear power
Vienna, Austria - site of arms control treaty negotiations.
Vietnam - country considering nuclear power
Vladivostok, Russia - site of SALT summit
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Ward Valley, California - Site proposed for low level nuclear waste disposal
Washington, D.C. - capital of the United States
Watts Bar, Tennessee - site of the Tennessee Valley Authority's Watts Bar nuclear power plant
Weldon Springs, Missouri - plant near St. Louis that produced uranium feed materials.
Wendover, Utah - site of Wendover Air Base, where crews trained for atomic bomb missions to Japan
West Valley, New York - site of a former commercial reprocessing facility
White Sulfur Springs, West Virginia - site of an underground bunker for the United States Congress under the Greenbrier Hotel
Windscale, United Kingdom - site of nuclear reactors in northeast England, also known as Sellafield
Wiscasset, Maine - site of Maine Yankee nuclear power plant
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Yakutia, Russia - Region of Eastern Russia containing radioactive waste from uranium mining
Yalta, Ukraine - site of a February 1945 conference attended by Roosevelt, Stalin and Churchill
Yongbyon, North Korea - site of a nuclear facility
Yucca Mountain, Nevada - site of repository for high level nuclear waste from weapons and commercial power production
Yugoslavia - country engaged in nuclear activities
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