AUTHORHeisenberg, Werner / Born, Max / Schrödinger, Erwin / Auger, Pierre
TITLEOn Modern Physics
PUBLISHERClarkson N. Potter, Inc.
CITYNew York, NY
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This book contains lectures by four of the twentieth century’s most prominent physicists, each of whom comment on a different aspect or application of modern physics. Werner Heisenberg, best known for his uncertainty principle, ties technology with science to address ancient philosophical problems. Irwin Schrödinger explores material reality and examines the quantum theory, while Max Born contemplates new sources of energy, including atomic energy. Lastly, Pierre Auger analyzes the changing developments and limits of scientific thinking. Together the lectures elaborate on modern physics and how it connects with non-scientific fields. A transcribed question and answer session following Heisenberg’s lecture is included in the book.

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