DIRECTORDoran, Jamie
TITLEThe Red Bomb: Stolen Secrets
DISTRIBUTORDiscovery Communications, Inc.
RUNNING TIME60 minutes

This film recounts the former Soviet Union’s efforts to develop an atomic bomb, and it explains the purpose of Department S, a top-secret information center for the Soviet atomic bomb program. Interviews with members of the KGB, Russian physicists, FBI agents, and historians tell the story of Department S. The film effectively illustrates the high tensions among key players in the efforts to build a Soviet atomic bomb, and it identifies the necessity for success as a cause for Soviet espionage in America. It shows how Russian scientists obtained American nuclear secrets, which they used to construct their own bomb. The film is the second in a three part series titled The Red Bomb detailing Soviet espionage efforts and the Soviet urgency to develop nuclear arms.

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