AUTHORSpeer, Albert / Winston, Richard / Winston, Clara
TITLEInside the Third Reich
PUBLISHERThe Macmillan Company
CITYToronto, Canada
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This autobiography details the author's experiences as a prominent member of the Third Reich and the inner workings of Nazi Germany during World War II. The author begins his story with a description of his childhood and explains how one of Hitler’s speeches in 1931 influenced him so much that he joined the National Socialist Party. In his self-portrait, the author reevaluates his role in the Third Reich and admits that his ambition of becoming an architect clouded his perception of reality and caused him to ignore the horrifying truths around him. Speer discusses the German nuclear project and his discussions with Werner Heisenberg. The book is a remorseful account of the author’s participation in the Nazi party.

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