AUTHORHirsch, Daniel / Mathews, William G.
TITLEThe H-Bomb: Who Really Gave Away the Secret?
PERIODICAL TITLEBulletin of the Atomic Scientists
ISSUE NUMBER1 (January/February)

This article presents new evidence on how the former Soviet Union obtained information about the United States’ program for the development of the hydrogen bomb at Los Alamos. The confession of Soviet spy Klaus Fuchs resulted in quickening the pace at which the United States developed and tested the hydrogen bomb, but the information he provided the Soviets about the program was based on incorrect assumptions. The article states that newly declassified documents and interviews reveal that the United States unknowingly gave its nuclear secrets to the Soviet Union. According to the author, an important document reveals that the key Teller-Ulam invention was transmitted to the Soviets, not by spies, but as a result of early hydrogen bomb testings. The Soviets analyzed the fallout debris from the tests and duplicated the research to develop their own hydrogen bomb.

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