AUTHORKase, Toshikazu / Rowe, David Nelson, Eds.
TITLEJourney to the Missouri
PUBLISHERYale University Press
CITYNew Haven, CT
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This book provides the history of World War II from a Japanese perspective. It was written by a Japanese author for the American public to explain the reasons Japan entered the war and was defeated, and to describe the efforts of some Japanese to surrender. As a former diplomat with the Japanese Foreign Office, the author recounts what he witnessed on board the U.S.S. Missouri when Japan surrendered. He also gives an emotional and historical account of Japan’s experiences, sufferings, and losses during the war. The author absolves the Emperor from blame for the beginning of the war, and praises him for his role in concluding it. He maintains a profound respect for General MacArthur and members of the Allied forces, and hopes “Japan’s surrender [will] be the end of the last war on this earth” (xiv).

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