AUTHORGoldberg, Stanley
TITLESmithsonian Suffers Legionnaires’ Disease
PERIODICAL TITLEThe Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

This article details the unfolding events in the controversy over the Smithsonian’s 1995 Enola Gay exhibit and argues that the public was the loser in the original exhibit’s eventual cancellation. The article begins by covering the occurrences leading up to the writing of the first script for the exhibit. The author of the article, who had written and overseen a 1985 Smithsonian exhibit on the atomic bombing of Japan, served on the advisory board for the 1995 exhibit and was able to witness those events first hand. He describes the controversy that arose over the script, which was accused of having an anti-American bias, and asserts that the American Legion and the Air Force Association, two of the most vociferous critics, manipulated the press to support them. He also explains why he thinks those two groups protested so strongly. Lastly, he likens the outcry over the exhibit to the McCarthyism of the 1950s.

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