DIRECTOREspar, David
TITLEWar and Peace in the Nuclear Age: Part VIII, Haves and Have-nots
DISTRIBUTORAnnenberg/CPB Project
RUNNING TIME60 minutes

This film focuses on nuclear proliferation, superpower relations, and the politics of Asia during the Eisenhower and Kennedy administrations. In their respective Atoms for Peace agreements, the United States and the Soviet Union vowed to share nuclear information with other nations to restrict nuclear proliferation. However, France, China, and others joined the ranks of nuclear nations. In an attempt to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons, the Limited Test Ban Treaty was signed to prohibit the testing of nuclear weapons. The last section of the film deals with the Nonproliferation Treatt, which was not signed by all nuclear countries; as a result, some countries can still supply others with nuclear capabilities. The film is the eighth of a thirteen part series, including interviews and original footage, on World War II and the Cold War through the Reagan administration.

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