DIRECTORBatty, Peter
TITLEThe Birth of the Bomb
DISTRIBUTORVistar International Productions
RUNNING TIME50 minutes

This film covers the main figures and events in the creation of the first atomic bombs beginning with the discovery of fission in 1938 and ending with the atomic bombing of Hiroshima in 1945. It explores the production of uranium-235 at Oak Ridge, Tennessee, and plutonium at Hanford, Washington, the scientists’ work at Los Alamos, and the culmination of that work with Trinity test. In addition, the film discusses why the Germans failed to make an atomic bomb and tells of the sabotage and bombing of the heavy water plant in Norway controlled by the Germans. It utilizes declassified archival footage and interviews with participants, including Richard Feynman, Otto Frisch, General Leslie Groves, Rudolf Peierls, Glenn Seaborg.

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