AUTHOREvans, Medford
TITLEThe Secret War for the A-Bomb
PUBLISHERHenry Regnery
CITYChicago, IL
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The author of this book presents an account of the inner workings of the Manhattan Project, while detailing the motive, means, and opportunity for the Soviet Union to obtain America’s atomic secrets. As the former Chief of Training for the Atomic Energy Commission, the author had first-hand knowledge of the danger the Soviets presented to America’s secret project to develop the atomic bomb. He argues that for the Soviet Union to compete with the United States, it had to obtain information about building nuclear weapons and build its own nuclear facility; it was therefore the duty of the United States to take precautions to protect classified information about its nuclear developments to ensure American superiority in that area. According to the author, the United States maintained an inadequate defense system against nuclear weapons as well as espionage. Additional information about Soviet spies became publicly available after the publication of the book in 1953.

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