AUTHORBadash, Lawrence, Ed.
TITLERutherford and Boltwood: Letters on Radioactivity
PUBLISHERYale University Press
CITYNew Haven, CT
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This book is a collection of letters, many scientific in nature, between two of the most prominent scientists of the early twentieth-century, Ernest Rutherford and Bertram Boltwood. The correspondents, both of whom devoted themselves to the study of radioactivity, discuss their scientific work after 1904 and their thoughts on many of the scientific discoveries and theories of their times. Boltwood’s work on radiochemistry is discussed in detail. Comments on colleagues and ongoing professional activities provide insight into the characters of both men. The correspondence, which is printed in its entirety, ends in 1924, three years before Boltwood’s death. Background information, including material on the history of the study of radioactivity, is provided in the introduction. Nobel Prize winner Otto Hahn, a colleague of both men, wrote a foreword to the collection.

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