DIRECTOREspar, David
TITLEWar and Peace in the Nuclear Age: Part II, The Weapons of Choice
DISTRIBUTORAnnenberg/CPB Project
RUNNING TIME60 minutes

Spanning the time from the beginning of the Cold War through the Korean War, this film illustrates the mistrust and competition between the United States and the Soviet Union which led to the development and successful testing of the hydrogen bomb on both sides. Despite the continuous security threat posed by the Soviet Union, the United States developed the Baruch and Marshall Plans, which advocated total disarmament and proposed economic aid for all of Europe. The film suggests that when the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was established, the Soviet Union believed the United States was trying to rid the world of its presence and became dedicated to the spread of communism. Moreover, the film proposes arguments for why the United States chose not to use atomic weapons in Korea. The film is the second of a thirteen part series, including interviews and original footage, on World War II and the Cold War through the Reagan administration.

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