AUTHORGiroud, Francoise
TITLEMarie Curie: A Life
PUBLISHERHolmes & Meier
CITYNew York, NY

This biography presents the life of Marie Curie and her role as a woman, scientist, wife, and mother. Her scientific accomplishments in physics and chemistry are discussed, but the primary focus is on her family and personal life. The author presents an in-depth look into her life-long ambitions and social relationships, including her love affair with physicist Paul Langevin after the tragic death of her husband, Pierre Curie. The author admires Marie Curie for not allowing her sudden fame to corrupt her. To the author, a French journalist, Curie is remembered as a strong, unique woman who laid much of the groundwork of modern atomic physics. The book was translated by Lydia Davis.

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