DIRECTORGhiorso, Albert
TITLEGhiorso Remembers Seaborg: An Insider’s History of the Discovery of the Transuranium Elements
DISTRIBUTORLawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
RUNNING TIME49 minutes

In this film, Albert Ghiorso shares his memories of Nobel Prize winner Glenn Seaborg. Ghiorso begins the film by discussing Seaborg’s discovery of plutonium and his contributions to the Manhattan Project. The film also discusses the search for more transuranium elements after Seaborg’s death. Ghiorso ends the film by recounting the discovery of the super-heavy elements 118 and 116 that provided evidence for the theory of the island of stability. That discovery was made possible by Seaborg’s work and his continual support of the search for new elements.

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