AUTHORBedford, Henry F.
TITLESeabrook Station: Citizen Politics and Nuclear Power
PUBLISHERUniversity of Massachusetts Press
CITYAmherst, MA

This book chronicles the controversial development of Seabrook Station atomic power plant in New Hampshire. Based on the public record, it reveals the many ways in which the project was influenced by political power, government agencies, and local citizens who either supported or adamantly opposed it. Nearly 20 years passed before construction was finished and low-power testing begun, and the author feels that this project was ultimately “a 5 billion dollar mess” (p. 162). The book highlights events from as early as February of 1972 when New Hampshire’s public service company chose the site on which they wanted to start construction, to 1989 when the Nuclear Regulatory Commission finally gave permission for Seabrook Station, recently completed, to begin low-power testing.

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