AUTHORMiner, Craig
TITLEWolf Creek Station: Kansas Gas and Electric Company in the Nuclear Era
PUBLISHEROhio State University Press
CITYColumbus, OH

This book traces the history of Wolf Creek Station, the first nuclear power plant in Kansas, and provides a comprehensive narrative of the events surrounding the construction and operation of the plant. In 1988, Kansas Gas and Electric commissioned author Craig Miner to write the book so that they might have a thorough and unbiased record of Wolf Creek’s history. Not only would this history serve as an internal management tool, but it would also help make the story known to the general public. In order to fulfill this goal, Miner spent two years doing extensive research in which he reviewed over 40,000 pages of newspaper clippings (from Kansas and around the nation) and examined 70 volumes of hearing transcripts on Wolf Creek. In the book, Miner includes descriptions of how residents of Burlington, Kansas felt when a nuclear power plant was built in their neighborhood, and tells of the many protests that were held during the construction of the plant.

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