AUTHORDepartment of Energy
TITLELinking Legacies: Connecting the Cold War Nuclear Weapons Productions Processes to Their Environmental Consequences
PUBLISHEROffice of Strategic Planning and Analysis
CITYWashington, D.C.
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Produced by the U.S. Department of Energy, this book summarizes the history of nuclear weapons production processes and their waste generation impact. The context is that in the aftermath of the Cold War, the United States has begun to address the environmental consequences of five decades of nuclear weapons production. Main chapters are devoted to the discussion of types of waste, contaminated environmental media, and surplus facilities. Each section addresses limitations, uncertainties, and assumptions regarding data sources. The book includes an appendix on the eight major manufacturing processes used in the production of nuclear materials and weapons. The material is supported by a large fold-out chart relating processes to nuclear weapons sites and dates. A short glossary of nuclear terminology is also provided.

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