AUTHORStrickland, Donald A.
TITLEScientists in Politics: The Atomic Scientists Movement, 1945-46
PUBLISHERPurdue University Studies
CITYWest Lafayette, IN
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This book details the intense political activity of Atomic Scientists Movement members shortly after World War II regarding the use and control of atomic energy and atomic science. The Atomic Scientists Movement consisted of two parts: first, it was a reaction among Manhattan Project scientists to the 1945 atomic energy bill sponsored by President Truman’s administration. Second, it was the process of organizing members of the scientific community to support Senator McMahon’s revised bill, which later became the Atomic Energy Act of 1946. Besides offering a factual and comprehensive account of the emotionally charged movement, the book reveals the first large confrontation between American scientists and politicians, in which the post-war relationship of science and government was forged. Although the content of the book is largely based on public sources and records, the author also relies on personal interviews with over 200 people who were involved with the movement.

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