AUTHORFermi, Enrico / Breit, Gregory / Rabi, I. I. / Wigner, Eugene P. / Oppenheimer, J. Robert / Van Vleck, John H.
TITLENuclear Physics: University of Pennsylvania Bicentennial Conference
PUBLISHERUniversity of Pennsylvania Press
CITYPhiladelphia, PA
ISBNno number - use WorldCat search box

This book is a collection of lectures given at the 1941 conference on Nuclear Physics by foremost researchers in that area. The content of the presentations provides insight into the state of nuclear physics at the beginning of World War II. The articles include “Reactions produced by Neutrons in Heavy Elements” by Enrico Fermi, “Proton-Proton Scattering” by Gregory Breit, “The Moment of the Light Nuclei” by I. I. Rabi, “Nuclear Masses and Binding Energies” by Eugene P. Wigner, “The Mesotron and the Quantum theory of Fields” by J. Robert Oppenheimer, and “Nuclear Physics and Inter-Atomic Arrangement” by John H. van Vleck. All of the articles are highly technical and take a significant scientific background to understand thoroughly.

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