AUTHORSzasz, Ferenc Morton
TITLEBritish Scientists and the Manhattan Project: The Los Alamos Years
PUBLISHERSt. Martin’s Press
CITYNew York, NY

"This is a study of the British scientific mission to Los Alamos, New Mexico, from 1942 to 1947, and the impact it had on the early history of the atomic age" (preface). The author of the book hopes to educate the public on the sometimes forgotten and often marginalized role English scientists played in the Manhattan Project. It covers both the scientific and social aspects of their stay in New Mexico. Also included is a section on how atomic weapons were perceived after their initial use, as well as a section on Soviet spy Klaus Fuchs. In appendices the author includes the postwar careers of the British mission, the Frisch-Peierls Memorandum of March 1940, Ralph Carlisle Smith’s Summary of the British Mission at Los Alamos, and Otto Frich’s account of the first nuclear test.

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