AUTHORWilliams, Robert Chadwell
TITLEKlaus Fuchs: Atom Spy
PUBLISHERHarvard University Press
CITYCambridge, MA

This book traces the path of the spy Klaus Fuchs from Nazi Germany to Britain, Canada, New Mexico, and East Germany, where he retired from nuclear physics and lived until his death in 1988. The aim of the book is to highlight Fuchs’ espionage activities for the Soviet Union and to show how his case touched off a barrage of arrests of other spies, including the Rosenbergs. In addition to explaining Fuchs’ background and personal beliefs, the author also shows how he was only a part of a much larger Soviet effort to penetrate and control British intelligence. The appendices contain the confessions of espionage by Fuchs and Harry Gold.

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