AUTHORHoffman, David M., Ed.
TITLEReadings for the Atomic Age
PUBLISHERGlobe Book Company
CITYNew York, NY
ISBNno number - use WorldCat search box

This book is designed to create objective discussion in a classroom environment about the discovery of nuclear energy and weaponry in order to help create an informed public. The readings are both fictional and non-fictional, with contributions from such notables as Robert Oppenheimer, Vannevar Bush, Albert Einstein, and William Laurence, among others. Selections by persons involved in the Manhattan Project and in nuclear policy decisions in the years immediately following World War II follow the development of nuclear technology. The first section dramatizes the impact of the atomic bomb, the next covers its development, the third presents scientific perspectives, and the final section covers projections for the future. Edited by a high school English teacher, the book includes a section of teaching aids, as well as a glossary.

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