AUTHORBadash, Lawrence
TITLEKapitza, Rutherford, and the Kremlin
PUBLISHERYale University Press
CITYNew Haven, CT

This book recounts the troubles and triumphs of the eminent Russian physicist, the late Peter Kapitza. After living in England for 13 years, he makes a summer trip back to Russia where he is kept by the Soviet government and made to head a laboratory constructed for him. Ernest Rutherford tries to facilitate his release numerous times, but is unsuccessful. Badash uses letters written between Kapitza and his wife to describe Kapitza’s years in England with Rutherford, the efforts to free him, and his life in the USSR. The author explains Kapitza’s decision to resume his scientific life there and his great achievements that led to winning the Nobel Prize. The book also discusses the rise of Soviet science and technology.

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