AUTHORBadash, Lawrence / Hirschfelder, Joseph O. / Broida, Herbert P., Eds.
TITLEReminiscences of Los Alamos, 1943-1945
PUBLISHERD. Reidel Publishing Company
CITYBoston, MA

This book provides a personal glimpse into life at Los Alamos during World War II from the perspective of ten people who lived there while the atomic bomb was being developed and tested. Contributors to the collection include Laura Fermi, Enrico Fermi’s wife; Norris Bradbury, the man in charge of Los Alamos following World War II; and George Kistiakowsky, head of the Explosives Division. In addition to the introduction, which explains how the site was selected, and biographical notes on the participants, the book offers a unique first-hand account of efforts to develop nuclear weapons through the impressions of those directly involved.

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