AUTHORBrooks, Geoffrey
TITLEHitler's Nuclear Weapons: The Development and Attempted Deployment of Radiological Armaments by Nazi Germany
CITYLondon, England

This book traces the German atomic weapon program from its beginnings prior to World War II until the defeat of Germany, with an emphasis on people and events rather than science. The first two sections deal with two competing weapons programs inside Germany, the first funded by the military and the second by the Post Office Ministry. Though Germany did not produce an atomic bomb, it did produce a fallout weapon that could scatter highly radioactive waste on a target. This V-4 weapon was never used. As the situation grew desperate in 1944, the technology and a stockpile of uranium were loaded onto a German submarine for transport to Japan. The last two sections deal with this ship's voyage, which was not completed, due to the surrender of Germany.

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