AUTHORChisholm, Anne
TITLEFaces of Hiroshima
PUBLISHERJonathan Cape Ltd.
CITYLondon, England

This book tells the story of the Hiroshima Maidens, 25 young women terribly injured by the atomic bomb who were brought to the United States for plastic surgery. The group of young women received much media coverage at the time of their surgeries. Based on personal interviews decades later with many of the Hiroshima Maidens and the people who worked with them, the book shows how profoundly the atomic bomb changed their lives. It follows them through the terrifying explosion, the painful recovery, and the frightening realization that they had been scarred for life. The book then chronicles their trip to the United States for treatment and what it was like to return to Japan, where some met them with jealousy. It also examines issues they had to face later in life, such as the increased risk of cancer and deciding whether to get married and have children despite fears of birth defects.

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