AUTHORCathcart, Brian
TITLETest of Greatness: Britain’s Struggle for the Atom Bomb
CITYLondon, England

This book chronicles the making and testing of Britain’s first atomic bomb and examines William Penney's role in directing the project. A brilliant young mathematician and scientist, Penney was encouraged by British Prime Minister Clement Attlee’s orders for an increase in British nuclear power efforts. Penney was aided by Klaus Fuchs, who was later discovered to be a Soviet spy. The author details Britain's first test of its bomb in October 1950 in the Monte Bello Islands off the western coast of Australia. Based on declassified information and the memories of participants, the book focuses more on personalities and events than on the science behind the effort. It includes a section of photographs of important participants and the testing of the British atomic bomb.

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